Article – Consumers continue to focus on sustainability

“Although a survey has underlined the long-standing faith Canadians have in farmers and the food system, they increasingly regard issues such as sustainability as a vital part of that trust, said an expert.” Read more here:

Article – Expect the Unexpected: Agricultural Trends

“Most climate models predict a near future that sees a likely increase in agricultural productivity in Western Canada, but Blade points out that it would be folly to look at that data and think there‚Äôs nothing to worry about. “ Read about it here:

Politics – Where do Alberta’s Political Parties Stand?

We are not in an election year, but that doesn’t mean we should stop looking at what our political parties promised us back during the last election. Investigate what political parties in Alberta proposed to support during the 2019 election campaign. Thoughts to reflect on: – How has each party continued to support and advanceContinue reading “Politics – Where do Alberta’s Political Parties Stand?”