Who can you support?

Look through these amazing not-for-profit organizations and groups that are already making a difference. Each group has a different role to play!

Alberta Conservation Association

In order to have a healthy planet, the planet needs a diverse ecosystem. These researchers and biologists do incredible work to bring that to Alberta! The ACA “conserves, protects and enhances fish and wildlife populations and their habitats for Albertans to enjoy, value, and use.” They have a vision of “[a]n Alberta with an abundanceContinue reading “Alberta Conservation Association”

Defend Alberta Parks

CPAWS and Alberta Environmental Network have been running this movement since the government shared their plan to close 20 parks and remove 164 from the Alberta Parks system. Thousands of Albertans have shown disapproval of this decision and are displaying lawn signs to show this. See what else you can do to ensure longterm conservationContinue reading “Defend Alberta Parks”

Alberta Food Matters

“Since 2001, the Growing Food Security in Alberta (GFSA) network has supported many projects and initiatives across Alberta focusing on food security and food sovereignty using an asset based community development approach. Hundreds of groups and individuals are now part of the Network, all seeking to connect and work together to achieve food sovereignty and food security in Alberta and understandContinue reading “Alberta Food Matters”

Edmonton and Area Land Trust

This local environmental organization depends on volunteers, supporters, and partners to conserve land to promote healthy biodiversity. Some things they get volunteers to help with include: Woodworking Graphic design/publications Invasive plant removal Wire removal or fence repair Wild life tracking Information booths If you own land, you can also consider partnering with EALT to conserveContinue reading “Edmonton and Area Land Trust”

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