Article – Wind Turbine Energy Sector to Grow

“Growth in Alberta’s renewable energy sector should continue its upward trend, experts say, with one forecast anticipating a surge of projects that could have the province poised to be the Canadian leader in utility-scale wind and solar capacity as early as 2025.” Read the full article here:

Bill C-12 – Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act

“This enactment requires that national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada be set, with the objective of attaining net-zero emissions by 2050. The targets are to be set by the Minister of the Environment for 2030, 2035, 2040 and 2045.” Read first reading (Nov 19, 2020) here:

Podcast: Alberta Better – The Cost of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy

In this episode of Alberta Better, researcher Ryan Riordan discusses the economic impacts and fiscal investments required to meet the Federal government’s plan to achieve Canada’s net-zero emissions by 2050. Listen to the podcast here:

Government of Canada – Net Zero by 2050

Canada introduced a new bill this month to “legally bind the Government to a process to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.” Read more about it here:

ACA Conservation Magazine

The Alberta Conservation Association publishes a magazine with research, articles, and updates on conservation efforts and nature appreciations in Alberta. The magazine includes a variety of topics such as ranching, sustainable hunting, information on local animal and plant species, and more. Read the current and past issues at .

Alberta Conservation Association

In order to have a healthy planet, the planet needs a diverse ecosystem. These researchers and biologists do incredible work to bring that to Alberta! The ACA “conserves, protects and enhances fish and wildlife populations and their habitats for Albertans to enjoy, value, and use.” They have a vision of “[a]n Alberta with an abundanceContinue reading “Alberta Conservation Association”

Video – Sustainable Community in Edmonton now Selling Homes

The city of Edmonton has been working with sustainable companies to create a new, urban neighbourhood unlike any in Canada. “The vision for Blatchford is a neighbourhood that is carbon neutral and powered entirely by renewable energy. Building a truly sustainable development like Blatchford will require an ambitious approach to energy usage, creativity, and innovation.Continue reading “Video – Sustainable Community in Edmonton now Selling Homes”

Fort Chipewyan Community’s New Solar Farm in Northern Alberta

CBC News “The renewable energy project is the largest remote, off-grid solar farm in the country, according to the federal government. Three Nations Energy says the profits will be reinvested in other green energy projects and education. “We’ve always relied on fossil fuels, but we’re switching over to renewable energy,” said Powder.””

AB Government Survey: Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Engagement

The government is asking Albertans to share their opinion on public land use. “Your input will help us develop a sustainable approach for supporting responsible outdoor recreation on Crown lands.” Visit the link below to take the survey!